Our Story

Nina Bernice is an eco-luxe handbag brand based in Melbourne, Australia. We create accessories such as cork handbags for the modern woman using good quality and cruelty-free materials to promote sustainability in style. We are founded on the values of positivity, individuality and mindfulness.

  • Our vision is to inspire our consumers to embrace their femininity, find their passion and be influencers of what they are passionate about. After all, our actions lead to impacts not only on the environment but also towards the people around us.
  • The intent of each product is to complement one’s look with simple everyday elegance that is smart, refined and functional. We seek simplicity while still making a statement.

Our Materials

  • Our cork handbags are crafted from cork fabric that is made from real cork material. Cork comes from the cork oak tree, which grows in Portugal, and is harvested without doing any damage to the environment. The tree remains healthy after harvest and is able to regenerate the production process of cork. This makes cork a 100% natural, renewable, sustainable, cruelty-free and eco-friendly material.
  • Our bags are fully lined with unbleached cotton fabric. Cotton is also a sustainable material. It is a natural fibre that grows from a perennial shrub. It is heat and drought-tolerant since it grows quickly during hot summers. This means it does not need large amounts of water to grow compared to other major fibre crops. It is replanted and harvested annually making it a renewable resource.
  • Because of its impermeable quality, cork is waterproof and abrasion resistant, making it very durable. It can be easily cleaned when required with gentle liquid soap and water. You may use a damp soft cotton cloth or natural baby wipes to remove any dirt or stain and simply allow the bag to dry naturally. Nonetheless, always remember to treat your item with care and store it in the dust bag when not in use.

Our Advocacy

First of all, we believe in being cruelty-free. We don’t like hurting any animals in the production of our bags, whether it be cows, snakes, crocodiles or kangaroos. We are free of any animal-derived products and are 100% vegan. We are fortunate to be in a city such as Melbourne that greatly supports this cause.

We believe in embracing a lifestyle that cares about how each and every thing we do can impact the world around us. Therefore, we use sustainable materials that aren’t harmful to the environment, such as cork. We believe that sustainable living can be achieved not only with the kind of food we eat, but also with the kind of clothes and accessories we wear, or even with the kind of energy we use. Reducing your carbon footprint can be done in many ways, and we aim to spread this word through the kind of bags we make.

The people we have worked with to make Nina Bernice come to life have been audited by the BSCI and have passed the codes in environmental protection and ethical business behaviour. No hazardous wastes were discharged during the manufacturing process of our products.

Because of all the materials we’ve used to create our bags, we want to give back. So we’ve collaborated with WeForest to plant a tree for every bag sold as a way of showing our gratitude to mother nature. WeForest has undertaken many reforestation projects throughout Africa, South America and Asia and we’ve chosen to donate this endeavour to India. You may learn more about the project here.