Our Advocacy

First of all, we believe in being cruelty-free. We don't like hurting any animals in the production of our bags, whether it be cows, snakes, crocodiles or kangaroos. We are free of any animal-derived products and are 100% vegan. We are fortunate to be in a city such as Melbourne that greatly supports this cause.

We believe in embracing a lifestyle that cares about how each and every thing we do can impact the world around us. Therefore, we use sustainable materials that aren't harmful to the environment, such as cork. We believe that sustainable living can be achieved not only with the kind of food we eat, but also with the kind of clothes and accessories we wear, or even with the kind of energy we use. Reducing your carbon footprint can be done in many ways, and we aim to spread this word through the kind of bags we make. 

The people we have worked with to make Nina Bernice come to life have been audited by the BSCI and have passed the codes in environmental protection and ethical business behaviour. No hazardous wastes were discharged during the manufacturing process of our products.

Because of all the materials we've used to create our bags, we want to give back. So we've collaborated with WeForest to plant a tree for every bag sold as a way of showing our gratitude to mother nature. WeForest has undertaken many reforestation projects throughout Africa, South America and Asia and we've chosen to donate this endeavour to India. You may learn more about the project here

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